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Court Services


Responsibilities and Requirements of Municipal Judge


Must be duly licensed to practice law in the state.


May engage in the practice of law in other courts, but he shall not accept employment inconsistent with his duties as judge, or arising out of facts which give rise to or are connected with cases within the jurisdiction of the court, which might become the subject of proceedings.


The official term of the Judge is 2 years, expiring on the second Monday of May in each odd numbered year.


Youth Traffic Court 

Municipal Court Judge


Bill Kirkpatrick

Juvenile Judge:

Paige  Lee

Municipal Court Clerk:

Denise Rexford






200 E. Oklahoma

Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1450
Ponca City, Oklahoma 74602

Youth Traffic Court handles moving traffic violations or pedestrian violations of Ponca City youth under 18 years of age. By City statute, students who receive their first traffic ticket may go to youth traffic court in lieu of Municipal Court. The statute also provides for sentencing, which includes four to twelve weeks of youth traffic school and/or an essay on traffic safety. Youth Traffic Court is held from September through April on Wednesday nights at the Public Safety Center.

The youth court is composed of six officers, namely judge, prosecutor, public defender, court clerk, bailiff, and investigator. Members of the court are elected from the high school by the students. Principals from the high school serve as advisors on the selection of the court officers



Responsibilities of the Municipal Court Clerk Office


Assists the judge in recording the proceedings of the Court and in preparing writs, processes and other papers, keeping all documents as records.


Administers oaths required in proceedings in the dockets of the court.


Performs other clerical duties relating to the proceedings of the Court as directed by the Judge.


Receives and issues receipts for forfeitures, fees, deposits, and sums of money payable to the Court. Pays the treasurer for monies received which is then placed into the General Fund.


Issues warrants on misdemeanor criminal complaints, failure to pay warrants, and failure to appear warrants.



Current Judges

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