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Weeds & Grass Abatement

"Weeds" include, but are not limited to, poison ivy, poison oak, or poison sumac and all vegetation at any state of maturity which exceed twelve (12) inches in height, except healthy trees, shrubs, or produce for human consumption grown in a tended and cultivated garden unless such trees and shrubbery by their density or location.

1. The term "weeds" shall not include tended crops on land zoned for agricultural use which are planted more than fifty (50) feet from a parcel zoned for other than agricultural use.

2. Weeds constitute a detriment to the health, benefit and welfare of the public and community or a hazard to traffic or create a fire hazard to the property or otherwise interfere with the mowing of said weeds. Regardless of height, weeds harbor, conceal, or invite deposits or accumulation of refuse or trash; harbor rodents or vermin; give off unpleasant or noxious odors; constitute a fire or traffic hazard.

3. Oral instruction will be given to the owner/resident on the work required to abate the nuisance, as well as a specific time period within which to complete the work.

a. If the work is not completed during the time period allotted, a ticket is issued and the original is forwarded to the Municipal Court. The owner/resident has 5 days to set a court date appearance. If the property owner lives out of town a violation notice will be sent to the listed property owner and a court date will be set 15 days after the date of the letter.

b. The Municipal Judge will make a determination and order it abated within a specific period. If weeds or grass are not mowed prior to the court hearing the Municipal Judge will declare the property to be a public nuisance and order the property to be cleaned and mowed. The City will then place a tax lien on the property
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