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Solid Waste Services

Ponca City LandFill

The City of Ponca City owns and operates a Municipal Landfill, located southwest of the City. The Landfill serves Kay County, parts of Osage, Noble, and Grant Counties. The site was permitted in 1989 and has been continuously serving North Central Oklahoma ever since.

The public, whether commercial or individual, is welcome to bring their trash and debris to the Ponca City Landfill for disposal. Call the Landfill for their hours of operation, charges, and a listing of prohibited materials.

The Current cell is a fully compliant sub title D cell. What this means is that the cell is constructed of a compacted clay subgrade, covered with a thick geo-membrane and geo-fabric which is covered over with a protective layer of sand. A leachate collection system is also a part of this liner system.

Landfill Cell #3 was completed and placed in service in 2008. It is anticipated this 9 acre cell will last about 10 years at current volumes. Life expectancy of the entire 80 acre site is estimated at 80 years using current volume figures.

This is the most important and useful machine at the Landfill. It is called a Compactor and weighs 52,000 pounds. It is used to compact the trash into a very tight or “compacted” layer. This lets the Landfill crew put more trash into less space maximizing the room in the Landfill.

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