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Boating - General Rules
To operate on Lake Ponca, all vessels will be registered with the State and City. 
City boat permits may be purchased on an annual or daily basis. Annual boat permits are for the period January through December and are sold at the Park and Recreation office. Daily permits are available at the boat ramps.
The annual city boat sticker will be displayed so it is plainly visible at a distance of 100 feet - CITY BOAT STICKERS WILL BE PLACED ON THE SIDES, TOWARD THE REAR, of your vessel - NOT UP FRONT. Remove all previous years’ stickers.
Motor boats will not exceed 22 feet, except for pontoons, which will not exceed 28 feet. 
 All vessels will operate in a counterclockwise traffic pattern on Lake Ponca, except in idle speed areas or coves. Idle speed requires NO VISIBLE WAKE.
Traffic in either direction is permitted only in idle speed areas or in coves. 
All motorboats will carry at least one (1) USCG (US Coast Guard) approved fire extinguisher that is readily accessible and in serviceable condition and not previously discharged.
All children, age twelve (12) and under will wear a USCG approved personal flotation device (PFD) at all times. All vessels will carry one USCG approved PFD for each occupant.
 Operators of ski bikes, jet skis and similar personal watercraft devices will wear a PFD at all times. ORDINANCE NO. 6052 Persons under the age of 16 years will take state boating safety test to operate watercraft on Oklahoma lakes. The Kyle WilliamsBoating Safety Education Act, Minimum age for these operators is fourteen (14). The boating safety test is available on-line go to
Persons will not ride on or in a motorboat EXCEPT in seats approved by the manufacturer for occupants.
Speed limit in ski area of East and West Lake Ponca is 35 MPH. Speed limit under the bridge is 5 MPH and no visible wake.
Boat owners will not rent their boats for use on Lake Ponca or collect fares or donations for use of same.
To operate at night, motorboats will display a white light to the rear, a green light on the front right (starboard) side and a red light on the front left (port) side. All other boats will comply with USCG lighting rules.
Rowboats have the right-of-way over motorboats at all times. Police boats have the right-of-way, at all times.
All gasoline powered vessels will be equipped with a horn, whistle or bell and one USCG approved throwable PFD (personal floatation device). Ski bikes, jet skies and similar devices do not require a throwable, but will have a sound device.
It is unlawful for any boat operator to transport any intoxicating or non-intoxicating beverage, containing more than 1/2 of 1% alcohol by volume and not more than 3.2% alcohol by weight, except in the original container, which will not have been opened and from which the original cap or seal have not been removed.
Any person convicted of operating a vessel under the influence of drugs/alcohol and operating in a manner unreasonable and proper, will have their privilege of operating a motorboat, sailboat, water ski, or similar device on Lake Ponca, suspended for a period of one year from the date of the offense.
Water Skiing - General Rules
All persons participating in water skiing will wear a USCG approved personal flotation device at all times.
Water skiing is the activity of being propelled along the water upon devices and being towed at the same time by some type of watercraft. These devices include but are not limited to skis, surfboards, tubes or any similar device which may be used to sustain a person upon the water.
No person will engage in water skiing EXCEPT on designated areas. Skiing may be allowed in other areas ONLY for certain times/events as approved by the City.
Permits are required for boating, skiing and fishing on Lake Ponca. You may purchase these permits on a daily or annual basis. Annual boat and ski permits run from January through December.
A counterclockwise traffic pattern will be maintained by all boats in the designated skiing area, whether engaged in water skiing or not. No more than two (2) skiers may be pulled by the same boat.
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