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                                                                                                                   Chief Clayton Johnson

Ponca City Police Department

Law enforcement is a unique aspect of government.  Protection of its citizens is one of the most basic functions of any responsible government, and without the enforcement of law a modern society cannot exist.   Law enforcement is always essential – there are no “snow days,” no holidays, no turn- around or sit-down time.  At the Ponca City Police Department, we work in a “team” environment; if one part of the team fails, everything else will suffer as a result and sometimes the result will be unforgiving.  In law enforcement, our most junior rookie police officer has the same power to enforce the law as the chief of police.   Everyone else knows our job better than we do – or so they tell us. 


The services offered by the Police Department are not ones that citizens want to privatize; most people wouldn’t want police protection provided by Acme Police Services.  Since our citizens have granted us a police monopoly, we are expected to provide the very best services possible – they don’t have the ability to shop around if we let them down. 




Our officers see the absolute worst side of our community.  We can drive through town and point out places where devastating things have taken place.   Sometimes our citizens have unrealistic expectations of us.  They expect us to be friendly and charming and of course, they want us to not write that ticket.  Looking into one citizen’s allegation some time back that a police officer was less than friendly during a traffic stop, it was learned that, yes, the officer was probably not as personable as he might have been; however, it turned out that thirty minutes earlier, that officer had been assisting in the investigation of the death of a baby.  The officer agreed that if he had to do it over again, he probably should have stayed a bit longer in the alley where he had wept over the tragedy, rather than making that traffic stop. 


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