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Ponca City Electric Department

The above mentioned form must be filled out by the person requesting the service. The following information will need to be provided: name, phone number, billing address, service address if different, and the contractor responsible for the electrical work. A Permit number is required (Call Code Enforcement at 767-0331). In addition, a person knowledgeable of the electrical requirements must speak with the Utilities Field Engineer (Public Utilities) to insure that the voltage and type of service needed is available.

For an upgrade to your current service or a new service…….the customer must contact the Billing Office to fill out a Request For Service form and to set up an account for the service (if an existing account doesn't already exist). The Billing office is located at 516 E. Grand. You will also need to contact the Code Enforcement Department for a permit and inspection. Finally you will need to contact the Utility office for construction and connection. The office is located at 6714 N. Pleasantview Rd.


Billing Office
516 E. Grand


Inspectors Office/
Code Enforcement

400 E. Central
Suite 304


Public Energy Office
6714 N. Pleansantview Rd.


Contact with the utility offices is the customer's responsibility and must be done prior to any work being done. After work is complete and inspected, the customer must go to the billing office, activate the account and pay all appropriate fees. The Billing Office will make arrangements to have the meter set and power turned on.

Any questions may be directed to the Utility at 767-0405 and if an answer can not be given, the question will be directed to the appropriate City Department.

Charges may be applicable for an aid to construction, to provide the requested service. The Owner must sign the middle portion of the Request for Service Form acknowledging the estimate and approving the expenditure of funds of his or her behalf.
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