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Street Division

  Frequently Asked Questions



ü Who do I call about leaf pick-up?

Call the Solid Waste Division @ 767-0411. The pickup season usually starts in Mid October and lasts 6 to 8 weeks.

ü How can I report a pot hole?

E-mail or call 767-0409.

ü Will the city repair my sidewalk?

The sidewalks are the responsibility of the property owner. The city would repair the sidewalk if it was damaged while city crews were doing repairs or maintenance.

ü Why can’t I blow my grass or leaves in the street?

The leaves and grass will clog the storm drains and possibly cause localized flooding to another property. 

ü Who do I contact about a street light out?

Call the Ponca City Energy Department at 767-0405.

ü How do I report an alley in need of repair?

The primary use of an alley is a reserved area for the location of utilities. Alleys are not to be used as a secondary access to a residence. To report a alley e-mail or call 767-0409.

ü Will you send the street sweeper by my house?

The street sweepers are committed to specific routes to maximize sweeping time. All residential streets should be swept at least twice per year.

ü Will the city trim my trees that are hanging in the street?

No, the trees are the responsibility of the property owner.

ü Can I purchase street bricks from the city?

No, all of the bricks that the city has are reserved for repair of our brick streets.

ü Will you deliver some barricades to our block party?

The street only loans barricades for block parties with assembly permits. Call 767-0409 to arrange for you to pick up the barricades. The borrowers are also responsible for the return of the barricades. Assembly permits are available from the Ponca City Police Department by calling 767-0370.

ü Why does the city not maintain all city streets during a snow storm?

The city has a limited amount of snow control equipment and feels that it is the proper amount of equipment for our locale. This equipment will usually be sufficient to maintain the major arterials and collector streets during a snow storm. These routes are reviewed and approved yearly by the City Commission.

ü Will the city open up my driveway when they plow it closed?

No, it would take too much time to clear every driveway and delay the opening of the major streets for everyone.





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