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Wentz Golf Course

2928 LA Cann Drive

Wentz Golf Course is nestled on the east side of Lake Ponca in Ponca City, Oklahoma, located next door to the Wentz Campgrounds. Whether you are a single, foursome, or a corporate outing, Wentz Golf Course will take care of all your golfing needs.





Your Golf Tip for The Month of December: 


I am going to give you two tips again because they will help you become a better golfer in the spring!

  1.  Keep your muscles loose. Over the winter month’s people tend to hibernate on their couch and their golf muscle memory fades. Swing a weighted object; I prefer a broom, for 5-10 minutes a day. This help keeps your body stay in sync for those special “warm” days that we get during the winter and keeps your body limber for the upcoming spring months.
  2. Wiffle Balls. I know that it is hard to imagine whiffle balls helping you but they can during the cold days of winter. Use your sandwedge and chip the ball onto your recliner, bed, or couch. This helps keep your tempo in your short game for when you return. Try and get as close as you can on some shots to work on the dreaded flop shot.



Just some quick reminders on the great game of golf. Golf is a gentleman’s game and should still be preserved as such. Please show up at least 15 minutes before your tee time. If you are running late than call us and let us know.  Please repair all divot marks and rake all bunkers.  Your spot on the course is immediately in back of the group in front of you not immediately in front of the group behind you. Our pace of play is 2 hours per nine holes and if you feel that you cannot achieve this we will be happy to recommend a more adequate time for you to play. It is better to pick up and go to the next hole than it is to let someone play through.  Please keep the carts on the paths around all greens and tee boxes.  We do this to preserve the area around them and not make the turf hard and compact.  This makes the course more enjoyable to all that play.  This is your golf course and all we ask is that you keep it in the same condition as it was before you teed off.

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