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Ponca City Wi-Fi

Ponca City Wi-Fi is a FREE Wireless Internet Service being offered to Ponca City residents and businesses as part of an ongoing effort to meet the ever changing needs of our hometown!   With your Wi-Fi enabled device you can now go online for free by accessing the wireless network named "Ponca City Free WiFi."

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Wi-Fi is a trade name for the popular wireless technology used in home networks, mobile networks, and electronic devices, like laptops and iPhones that require this type of wireless network to connect to the internet or to a private network.  This technology became available in Ponca City after an outdoor wireless network was installed to provide field communications for City services such Police, Fire, and Energy, improving worker efficiencies and level of service for customers.  However, the testing of this network showed that it was robust enough to handle not only municipal traffic, but also citizens’ traffic.  So, the Ponca City Board of Commissioners voted to allow the extra internet access to be given to the citizens of Ponca City for FREE!  Ponca City is the first municipality in Oklahoma to provide this community service to its citizens.  Few cities worldwide provide this service.  You can read the press release from November 10, at about this project that was completed with Honeywell and Tropos Networks.


With a Wi-Fi-enabled device, you can get access to the internet for free by “Ponca City Free WiFi” almost anywhere in Ponca City.  Once connected you can check your email while watching a sporting event or you can connect to the internet to look up a recipe while waiting to pick up your child from school, check the weather radar while fishing on Lake Ponca, or check the caloric content of different menu items while ordering at a restaurant.  You can use your iPhone to access websites, download applications, check the weather, etc.  The options are endless...

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