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Integrated Home Wi-Fi Access Point Configuration

If you prefer to setup your Pepwave so only you can connect to it and not others in your neighborhood, you can give your Pepwave it's own SSID (network name) and a password that only you use.  Do not change the crrent settigns inside teh section of your Pepwave nmed Wireless Settings.  These are preset to connect to Ponca City Free WiFi.  You can change the settigns in the area named AP Settings so that you create a private and secure connection that only you can use to your Pepwave.  Follow the steps below.  If you mess up your Pepwave and cannot connect to it after changing items than you can reset it to the factory defaults and it will recconnect.  Use the instructions here to reset your Pepwave.  If you need instructions on setting up your Pepwave for the first time or how to connectto it manually to configure it then instructions are here.


  1. Turn your Surf on. The Power indicator will light up.
  2. Wait a moment while the Surf reboot and locates a wireless signal.  
  3. Open up your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari).
  4. Go to administrator interface at, the configuration page will come up.

  5. Please click the button 'Advanced Config,' where you will be able to see the configuration screen.
  6. In the section AP Settings, select the radio button labeled Configure Manually. Upon the selection, further configuration parameters are displayed.

7. In the AP SSID field, enter an alphanumeric value by which the home Wi-Fi network is to be identified. For illustration purposes, the default AP SSID value MySSID@home will be used throughout this guide.  You should use something that you will recognize but try not to use an ID like your name, phone number, or other information that should not be broadcast.

8. Select WPA/WPA-2-Personal from the Authentication drop-down menu.

9. In the Encryption Key field, enter an alphanumeric value that is difficult to guess, and contains at least 8 characters. The same value as the one entered here will subsequently be used when configuring host PC(s) that connect with the Integrated Home Wi-Fi Access Point of your PePWave. For illustration purposes, the encryption key value PePWaveSurfAP will be used throughout this guide. Make sure you remember this as it will be needed later on your laptop or desktop to connect to the Pepwave.  Do not give this out to anyone unless you want them to connect to your Pepwave.

10. You should also change the Web Password Protection area to require a password.  As you see below you need to chage the setting to Enable to require a passord and then type in a password you will remember in the Password box.  You will use the ID 'root' and the passowrd you enter here to get access to the Pepwave's advanced setup inthe future if needed.

11. Click Save at the bottom-right corner of the CPE Setup page.

12. Now when you want to connect with your Laptop, Desktop, iPhone or any other device at home to your Pepwave you will connect to the new SSID you entered in step 7 instead of Ponca City Free WiFi.  Your Pepwave will still connect you to Ponca City Free WiFi in the background but your device will be connected securely to your Pepwave.

13.  It will then ask you for the WPA/WPA-2-Personal key you entered in step 9.  Then you should be connected but with a secure connection to your Pepwave that only you know how to use.
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