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Restoring Factory Defaults on a PePWave Device

To restore the settings on a PePWave Surf unit to factory defaults which will make it automatically associate with Ponca City Free Wireless, perform the following steps:

  1. Power up the PePWave unit and wait for about 1 min.
  2. Using a pin, press and hold for about 10 seconds the reset button at the rear panel of the PePWave unit. The small reset hole may be to the left ot the lan port, depending on your model. 

  1. The unit will then restore the settings to factory defaults and reboot itself.  It will then connect automatically to Ponca City Free WiFi again.

If the Pepwave unit then needs to be reconfigured, instructions to reconfigure the Pepwave unit are available at the following link.

PePWave Setup Instructions

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