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How to Connect to Ponca City Free WiFi Using a PePWave

Take the following steps to connect to the Ponca City Free WiFi network using your Surf unit:

Setup Your Surf Unit

  1. Your Surf - Shut down and turn off your computer.
  2. Antenna - Connect the antenna to the Surf by screwing it clockwise into the antenna jack.
  3. Ethernet Modem - Instert one end of the Ethernet cable into the Surf's LAN port, and the other into your computer's ethernet Port . You only need to plug in the cable if you are having trobule and can not do the configuration below with out it.
  4. Power Supply - Plug the power supply into the Surf DC port. Plug the other end into the nearest outlet.


  1. Turn your Surf on. The Power indicator will light up.
  2. Wait a moment while the Surf reboot and locates a wireless signal.
    If the 5 light graph on thefront of thePepwave shows 3 to 5 green bars then you should be good to go.  If not you can move it around your house or try by a window nearest the outside radio in your area.  You can find the nearest outside wirleess radio by looking at this map by clicking here. If you want to change something in the setup continue to step three below.  But if you change the SSID to something besides Ponca City Free WiFi you will not be able to connect to thefree wireless network.

  3. Open up your web browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari).
  4. Go to administrator interface at, the configuration page will come up.


  5. Please click the button 'Advanced Config,' where you will be able to verify the Ponca City Free WiFi SSID.
  6. If the SSID is not 'Ponca City Free Wifi'  you will need to change it.  Type the letters 'Ponca City Free WiFi' in SSID field (circled in red in the image below).

    7.  Once you have entered the SSID 'Ponca City Free WiFi,'  you should also change the Web Password Protection area to require a password. As you see below you need to chage the setting to Enable to require a passord and then type in a password you will remember in the Password box. You will use the ID 'root' and the passowrd you enter here to get access to the Pepwave's advanced setup inthe future if needed.

    8. Click the button 'Save' in the bottom right on your screen as seen above. After saving our SSID, you will need to return to the previous screen by clicking the link 'Connect' in the upper left-hand corner of your screen.

    9. The interface will display a confirmation that your connection has been established. You will also be shown how strong the signal is from your current location.

    10. If the PePWave Surf unit cannot successfully connect to the Ponca City Free WiFi signal, you will see low signal strength, and the indicator appears to be yellow.

    11. If the bar graph is yellow then please return to step 2 above and move your Pepwave around inside your house.  You may need to reset the Pepwave back to factory defaults.  Use the instructions here to reset the Pepwave.
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