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How to add a Wireless Printer to your Pepwave Network

1) Using your setup book that came with your printer, follow the directions  for connecting your pritner to the wireless Pepwave network.  You will need to tell your printer to connect to the wireless network "Ponca City Free WiFi" or if you have renamed your Pepwave network to something else, connect your printer to that network. Your printer and laptop have to be connected to the same Pepwave wirelessly.
2) Once your printer is connected to the wireless network you can go in to your printer setup and tell it to print the current network settings.  This may come in useful later in the setup instructions.
3) Click on the Start button in the lower left of your Windows screen.
4) Choose Control Panel.
5) Choose Printers.
6) If you already have used the printer on an old wired or wireless network then do steps seven and eight, if this is a new printer skip steps seven and eight.
7) Right Mouse click on the old printer you wish to delete.
8) Answer "Yes' to the question asking if you are sure.
9) Right mouse click in the Printer box area but not on a printer.
10) Choose "Add Printer" from the menu that appears.
11) Click on Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer.
12) Your computer will search for printers and list those on your network. 
13) You should see a printer with the same IP address that was listed on the print out done in step two. Click on this printer and click the NEXT button.
14) If you have installed this pritner before than you can find it in the list of printer Manufacturers and Printers, click on it and then click on Next and go to step sixteen.  If not then click on the Have Disk Option. 
15) A box will appear asking where the disk is with your printer drivers.  Insert your printer driver cd in a drive and choose that drive in the drop down list.
16) Type a printer name in the printer name box.  Normally the default is fine.  Click on NEXT.
17) It will install the printer and then in a few minutes it will allow you to click on the NEXT button.
18) You may then get a screen asking if you want to share this printer.  You do not need to do this as your pritner is on the network.  So choose "Do not share this printer" and then click NEXT.
19) Final Screen will ask if you want to print a test page, youcan if you wish.  Then click on Finish to be done. 
20) If you wish to make this your default printer on your laptop, then right mouse click on the printer you just installed.  It will be named whatever name you gave it in step sixteen. 
21) On the menu box that appears, click on "Set as Default".

You are done.

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