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What data speeds should I expect?

To ensure that a large number of Ponca City Free WiFi users are able to enjoy the network simultaneously, we have set a maximum upload and download rate of 3 Mbps, but this is not a guranteed rate. While we cannot make any guarantees about data speeds, there are several factors that could affect your device's data transfer rate:

- Your data transfer rate will depend on the distance between the Ponca City Free WiFi node and your device.

- Since Ponca City Free WiFi is a shared resource used by all Ponca City residents, you may see that data speeds vary depending on the number of users accessing the network at any given time.

- Barriers, such as trees or buildings, may partially block the Ponca City Free WiFi signal, which could result in a lower data rate.

- Connectivity may also vary from one type of device to another.

See what your current speed is by testing here.  Click Here.

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