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Ponca City: Balancing Your Life, Living the Dream!


Ponca City by the Numbers (community, retail, business and demographic information)


For those seeking balance in their professional and personal lives, Ponca City offers the security and advantages of a small town with the convenience and services of a much larger area.  The City’s economic opportunities, micropolitan amenities and strategic location have helped make Ponca City one of the top 100 American communities, according to Relocate America.


The community is located in the center of the Oklahoma Gateway economic region of north central Oklahoma, providing easy access to three major metropolitan areas in Oklahoma City, Tulsa and Wichita.  Ponca City offers a premier location for energy, manufacturing, research and corporate facilities.  Our local business community has long recognized the ease of conducting commerce in Ponca City based upon our user friendly government, excellent location and transportation amenities.


With its unique flavor of classic Americana, Ponca City has become a magnet for small and middle size companies.  Many of these firms are family-owned, including America’s 2004 SBA Family-Owned Business of the Year, while others offer a talented and motivated workforce the opportunity to excel.   Indeed, the strong partnership between businesses and the community creates an exceptional environment for a desirable professional and personal lifestyle.


Ponca City’s manufacturing base is both diverse and innovative.  Locally made products include a wide range of home construction products; aerospace components; energy related products; specialty food products and food processing; heating and air conditioning units, parts and supplies and so much more.  Ponca City industries employ state-of-the-art

technologies used in steel and metal fabrication, telecommunications, and energy production.  Simply put, Ponca City is not only a benchmark for Oklahoma, it also is widely recognized as a worldwide leader in numerous diversified manufacturing areas. 


The innovative economy has also found a safe, secure home in Ponca City.  In 2007, the International Economic Development Council presented Ponca City Development Authority with the “Partnership of the Year” award for playing a crucial role, and partnering with OSU and ConocoPhillips, in the development of the University Multispectral Laboratories (UML), the world’s first facility dedicated to the multispectral testing of sensors.  ConocoPhillips continues to operate a world class energy research facility in the community pioneering next generation energy for the global economy.  In addition to the UML, three new hi technology companies selected Ponca City as the site for new facilities due to our broadband infrastructure, abundance of knowledge workers and lifestyle considerations. 


One of the finest industry training programs in the world is also based in Ponca City.  Pioneer Technology Center provides business with flexible, relevant programs that meet the needs of today’s economy.  The METS Program is a unique, mobile program which has drawn national attention while providing businesses and students a fast track to success. 


Come for a weekend, stay for a lifetime;  Ponca City truly holds opportunities for everyone. 


Commercial land and properties are listed on The Ponca City Prospector.  The listings have detailed descriptions, pictures and contact information.  Also available on The Ponca City Prospector are demographics and psychographics for the Ponca City area. 
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