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For an upgrade to your current service or a new service, the following information will need to be provided: Contact the Billing Office to fill out a Request For Service form and to set up an account for the service (if an existing account doesn't already exist).  The Billing office is located at 516 E. Grand.  You will also need to contact the Code Enforcement Department for a permit and inspection.  Finally you will need to contact the Utility Office for construction and connnection.  The office is located at 1400 N. Union.  Name, phone number, billing address, service address if different, and the contractor responsible for the electrical work.  A permit number is required ( call code Enforcement at 767-0331). In addition, a person knowledgeable of the electrical requirements must speak with the Utilities Field Engineer ( Public Utilities) to insure that the voltage and type of service needed is available......the customer.


Billing Office                                    

516 E. Grand                               


Inspectors Office/

Code Enforcement


Public Energy Office

1400 N. Union



400 E. Central

Suite 304



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