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A. Dogs:


1. It shall be unlawful for an owner to allow a dog to be at large. Apprehension of such animal shall not be a prerequisite to violation of this section.


2. Unlicensed dogs at large shall, upon apprehension, be taken by the animal control officer to the city animal shelter and confined in a humane manner for a period of not less than seventy two (72) hours and may thereafter be disposed of in a humane manner if not claimed by their owners.


3. Immediately upon impoundment of such animals, the animal control officer shall make a reasonable effort to notify owners of such dogs or other animals so impounded. (1980 Code § 7-6)


B. Females In Season: It shall be unlawful for the owner or harborer to fail at all times to confine any female dog which is in season in a building or a secure enclosure, veterinary hospital or boarding kennel, except when on a lead and under the control of a person. (1980 Code § 7-7)


C. Allowing Animal To Be At Large 24 : It shall be unlawful for any person to allow or permit any animal under his care or control to be at large within the limits of the city. (1980 Code § 7-10)

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