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Things to consider when adopting an animal!

  1. Consider the expense of properly looking after the animal you wish to adopt. A cat will cost on average $250 and a dog will cost on average $450 per year. This does not include vacation costs or emergency treatments. It is not cheap to keep a healthy animal and an unhealthy animal can be hazardous to your family's health!
  2. Remember, your companion animal will be with you for twelve to twenty years.
  3. Consider who the pet is for and who will be responsible for the care of the animal. Ensure the animal will be in the care of a responsible adult.
  4. Children may be rough and the animal's only defense is to bite or scratch. Please ensure there is supervision to avoid any confrontations and injury.
  5. If you have other pets in the family, ensure that all are healthy and vaccinated. Take time to socialize the new comer and do NOT forget your old pet who might feel threatened with the newcomer.
  6. An animal left alone for 8 - 10 hours while everyone is at work is very lonely and may become destructive and aggressive. Consider getting a companion perhaps a cat and leave lots of toys around.
  7. If you have never housebroken an animal before, please consult with the veterinarian for help and training suggestions.
  8. If you are in rented premises, please get the permission of your landlord BEFORE you adopt an animal.
  9. If anyone in your family has allergies or asthma, please check with your doctor first before adopting.
  10. If you have had any pets die from distemper or unknown causes in the last three months, please speak first to veterinarian. Many diseases remain active for long periods of time and may infect your new pet.
  11. Vaccinating, neutering or spaying can pretty well ensure a mentally and physically healthy animal. Micro chipping will save hours looking for a lost pet.
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