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The Weekly Puzzle

There will be a weekly puzzle or conundrum posted here every Friday.  You can email your answer below by clicking on Email Answer below.  Check back in on Friday to see the new puzzle and the answer to last week's puzzle with the lucky person's name who answered it correctly first.


This week's puzzle is:  Friday, January 2nd: Did you know that during periods of weightlessness, astronauts lose bone mass?   To prevent any serious loss, people in space must exercise.  Stressing and stretching body parts help keep bone material from being reabsorbed into the body.
     For a moment, let's imagine our weightless astronaut returning to Earth.  She steps onto a scale and weighs herself.  When the lab assistant asks for her weight, she offers an obscure (but challenging) answer. " According to this scale, I weigh 60 pounds plus half my weight." Can you figure out how much th puzzling space traveler weighs?



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Last four puzzles with their answers and winners:
Friday,December 19th-Joe & Beth Purvis (we had numerous correct answers, but they were first again.)In order to win a free visit to the dentist, students had to guess the exact number of gumballs in a fish bowl.  The students guessed 45, 41, 55, 50, and 43, but no one won.  The guesses were off by 3, 7, 5, 7, and 2 (in no given order). From this information, determine the number of gumballs in the bowl.

Answer:48 gumballs 

Friday, December 12th:
Joe & Beth Purvis were first again....
You are presented with several white cubes and a bucket of red paint. To make each of them different, you decide topaint one or moresides of each cube red.  How many distinguishable cubes can you make with this painting method?  Remember that any painted side must be painted completely to make it indistinguishable from any  other painted side.

Answer:Ten ways.  1 = all sides, 1 = one red face, 1 = two adjacent red faces, 1 = two opposite sides red faces, 1 = three sides red (in line), 1 = three faces red (in right-hand and left-hand L-shape design), 1 = four faces red (in line), 1 = four faces red (two pairs of two in line), 1 = five red faces, 1 = all faces red.

Friday, December 5th-Joe & Beth Purvis were first to answer this week.
Six People attended a gala for visual thinkers.  If all guests shook hands with everyone else (no pair shook hands more than once), how many handshaking events were there?

15 Handshakes.  The first person would have shaken hands 5 times.  The next person only needed to shake hands 4 times.  The next person only 3, and so on.  5+4+3+2+1=15.

Friday, November 28th-Joe & Beth Purvis were first to answer this week.The distance from New York to Boston is 220 miles.  Suppose a train leaves Boston for New York and travels at 65 mph.  One hour later, a train leaves New York for Boston and travels at 55 mph.  If we assume the tracks are straight paths and the train maintain a constant speed, how far apart are the trains 1 hour before they meet?

120 Miles, Think is backwards. One hour before they meet, one train is 65 miles away from the meeting point, while the other is 55 miles.  Add the two distances together and you'll get 120 miles.



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