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If you are serious about giving up smoking, the first thing you should do is come up with an excellent “stop smoking plan”. Your plan must include a general time frame and specific targets. In addition, you must factor in your preferred stop smoking method. If you want to use vaping to quit smoking, you can get authentic information if you log on to a great E-cigarette reviews website. Most vaping & e-cigs websites have statistics of people that have successfully kicked the smoking habit. However, the most important thing is your plan, your willpower and your determination to stop smoking for good. Below are some things to consider if you want to quit smoking the e-cigarette way.

Understand that nicotine is addictive
One thing you should have at the back of your mind is that nicotine is addictive. If you have been smoking for many years or months, it is likely that you have become used to having a certain amount of nicotine in your system. If you suddenly stop smoking, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. The best way to stop smoking is to gradually cut down on nicotine until you wean your body of this substance.

Give yourself notice
Before you even begin the stop smoking process, you should give yourself notice. For instance, it is January now and you want to switch to vaping in June. Give yourself six months’ notice. The point here is that you will not smoking entirely in June but you will commence the vaping alternative in June. The purpose of this rather long notice is that it prepares you for what lies ahead. You have enough time to prepare for it so when the day comes, you will definitely follow through and complete the program.

Do your e-cig research
When it comes to electronic cigarettes, one size does not fit all. E-cigs may operate on the same principles but there are differences between one brand and another. Take your time to do some research on e cigs. Consider factors like flavor, active ingredients, and esthetics. You can ask people who have used these products to recommend the best ones in the market. Once you have chosen your brand of electronic cigarette, you can kick-start the vaping process.

Begin with the combination approach
Many people have the impression that once you start vaping, you will never touch a cigar or a cigarette again. Now, this is not always true because you are trying to change a situation that developed over a long time. If you expect an overnight success, you might miss your target. For a start, you should combine vaping with smoking. After a few weeks of this combination therapy, you can cut out the cigarettes entirely.

Select your nicotine level
If you really want the vaping alternative to succeed you should select your nicotine level carefully. Do not settle for the lowest nicotine level you can find because this will not do you much good. Select a relatively high nicotine level so that your system does not experience a “nicotine shock”.

Reduce your nicotine level
After you have been on this nicotine level for a while, you should reduce the level and see how it goes. Note that a drastic reduction might undo all the good work you have done so far. The aim is to stop nicotine dependency in stages so the reduction should be a gradual process. Remain at this lower level for a while and then you can move on to the next step.

Become a non-vaper
Now, you have moved successfully from smoker to non-smoker. The next step is to become a non-vaper. You can “deliberately forget” your e-cig at home sometimes and see how it feels to stay without smoking or vaping for hours. If it turns out that you do not miss the e-cigarette that much, you are on the right track already.

Switch to zero nicotine
If you have reached that point where you do not miss your e cigarette that much, you can switch to zero nicotine e-liquid. You still get the flavor but there is no real nicotine in your e-cigarette. After taking the zero nicotine liquids for a while, you can give up vaping altogether. At this point, you are officially a non-smoker and a non-vaper. This is your ultimate destination and you have arrived. Congratulations!

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